Aloha, Beaches!


In about three weeks Matthew, my mom, and I will be taking a family trip to Oahu, Hawaii. Not only will this be my first time in Hawaii, but it will also be the first time I see my mom in a year and a half! Yay me!

Being the over-thinker that I am I have been planning this trip for months now >.< lol

Therefore, I will be sharing some of my trip essentials with you guys. Enjoy!

out of office!

1. Rainbow Sandals

I am obsessed with how comfortable Rainbow sandals are (after you break them in of course) && must have a new pair as soon as my old ones are done. For this family trip, I got a pair of Rainbows for myself and I got Matthew his very first pair EVERRRR…& he loves them! 🙂

2. Little America – Mid Volume Backpack

My Herschel Supply Co. backpack has to be my favorite to travel with! I don’t do the whole purse thing, instead I opt for a more practical and roomy option, a backpack! This backpack passes as your personal item on planes (score!), is sturdy, fashion forward (comes in 7 colors)…and did I already mention how much room it has?!

3. Fifteen Belt Bag

So fanny packs are a new thing for me. When I worked at the Boys & Girls Clubs of GG we had to wear a fanny pack to hold first aid items and I HATED it! Few years pass, I get over my fanny pack hate, and realize how practical these are. I don’t know about you but I love to go hiking when I go on vacations. There’s just so much nature to explore! With hiking comes walking, climbing, etc. Therefore sometimes a backpack just isn’t the best choice. Cue, the fanny pack!! This awesome Herschel Supply Co. (notice a brand obsession lol) fanny pack is big enough to hold a phone, snacks (vital), and a few other items. Plus it comes in 6 different colors!

4. Erika Classic 54mm Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses…need I say more? These are a classic! I love Ray-Ban and this pair in particular is my favorite. The color scheme and lightweight frame, simple yet chic design that you can wear to the beach or with your Sunday best! Add to that the reasonable pricing and you have a winner 🙂

5. Janelle Green Multi Print Flatform Espadrilles

Espadrilles are such a beach staple! These palm tree print are so fun, cute, and comfortable. They basically go with everything: dress, shorts, pants, you name it! ($29)

6. Vince Camuto Paper Fedora

I love a good fedora anytime of the year but beach vacations mean straw fedoras and this Vince Camuto one is just right. My favorite thing about this fedora is that it is not too high so it wont make your head look longer than it is. Plus it is only $19.99!!

7. Pink Haley Alisha Pompom Straw Tote

How fun is this pompom tote?! Perfect for a beach day and ON SALE!

8. ASOS Mix and Match Crinkle Crop Bikini

If you don’t know already, my favorite color is pink! So when I saw this bikini I was thrilled! Hot pink is a color that goes with all skin tones. Add to it that the bottom is high waist and you got yourself a WINNER! Plus this material is so fun and unique.

9. ASOS TALL Plunge Ruched Front Swimsuit

Being 5’7, or taller, means you know the struggle to find a one-piece (or romper for that matter) that fits right. ASOS is great because they carry tall options in a lot of their items. This one piece is such a pretty yellow and covers up what some may consider “problem areas.” The material is very thick, so it keeps everything together and covered up!

10. Akasa Crochet Maxi Beach Caftan

Having a cover up is always a good idea. Specially if you’re going to try and grab a bite before or after sunbathing. This particular cover up is long enough to be appropriate for a sit down restaurant and flowy/thin enough to allow you to dry up fast.

PS. Stay tuned for more Hawaii trip blog posts and follow along on Instagram @jays_fields ! If you have any Oahu faves please comment or message me 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide

The Holidays are right around the corner which can only mean that we are all looking for gifts for our loved ones. *sigh* No matter how long or short your gift list is, holiday shopping is always so stressful. I always find myself pre-stressing anytime I look at my list!

So why is it so hard to shop for others? Well for starters, a lot of people just won’t tell you what they want; not even a hint! *rolls eyes* Then there is the person who already has everything they can possibly want, so what do you get them? Lastly, buying gifts means spending money on other people, so a budget comes into play.

That is why I decided to become your gift giving fairy and put together a list of gift items for the men and women on your list. *insert dancing emoji* I focused my list on stuff that helps you do the following: relax, be comfortable, practice self-care, and most importantly…smell good! Now I want to hear from you guys, what are some things you’re getting the people on your list?

Happy shopping everyone!!


armani setgucci menchanel setklei mask kiehls





Steve Madden slippers men slipper






pink pajamasflannel joggers


foot massagerpoker set

Nordstrom Fall Sale 

fall sale

It’s our favorite time of year again! With the holidays fast approaching many of us are starting our Holiday shopping (or if you’re like me, just simply shopping for yourselves). One of the many sales going on is the Nordstrom annual Fall sale where you can find items at up to 40% off. The sale runs through November 12th, so you better RUN (or simply pop open your web browser like muah).

I went ahead and scrolled through the women’s sale items and put together my top choices because, lets face it, who wants to scroll through so many pages? Below you will find different items such as shoes, purses, and clothing. Each item was picked to be versatile in how you wear it and what season you can wear it too. I stuck to suede for shoe texture because it is my favorite for all seasons. Also, I only added boots to my top picks because, as I like to see it, wear them while you can! (after all it is boot season). The blush Tory Burch bag can be worn year round and is the perfect size for date nights or work. The coat is perfect for Fall, Winter, and early Spring; the cape can be worn throughout the colder seasons.  Bottoms wise I tend to stick to darker colors during the Fall and Winter but black can be worn year round. The black jeans and leggings were also ultimately chosen because they are a basic element in a wardrobe.

Now I shall hush up and let you go do some shopping, enjoy!